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Search Solutions for The Insurance Market

Search Solutions for The Insurance Market

TPD believe in a collaborative approach to working with clients. We will work with you to understand your business and culture to ensure we provide the best service possible. We can, therefore, be flexible in our approach.

Retained Services

We are flexible over the extent to which we are involved in your business, but to obtain the highest level of service and value we prefer to work with our core clients on a regular basis.

By maintaining an on-going dialogue with you we are best able to seek out high quality individuals who fit the culture and ambition within your organisation. It also allows us to support the public image of your business and to demonstrate, to the right candidates, the benefits and opportunities of joining your team.

Where we work with clients in this way, as the preferred supplier of executive search services, we are also able to agree on terms which provide better value for both parties. Whilst we are also able to assist on a more ad-hoc or contingent basis, there is clearly a tremendous multiplication of effort where several firms are simultaneously working on a particular assignment and this inevitably leads to those firms needing to charge higher fees should they be successful.

We believe in a collaborative approach, with you at the heart.


Contingent Placements

We can also conduct assignments on a contingent basis. Ideally we prefer to be given a period of exclusivity to carry out our research and there are a number of reasons why we think this makes sense.

Ideally, to fully understand your requirements in detail TPD prefer to have sufficient access to the key individuals in your business. This is often not possible when multiple agencies are being used and this can hinder our ability to put your business forward in the best possible light.

Particularly where there is a specific need for discretion and confidentiality, having several firms involved increases the risk of your business becoming the subject of market gossip.

And of course, where we know that the results of our efforts are likely to be rewarded then we are able to agree terms that benefit both parties.

TPD prefers to work on this basis, however we are aware that many of our clients often utilise the services of more than one firm on certain assignments and if that is the case then we will, of course, put forward candidates.


Market Mapping

If engaged on a specific project we can prepare a “mapping” of the market in order to illustrate the range of possible candidates for a role. We may have already done the work or it might require starting from scratch, depending on the position.

Our market mapping provides more than a simple list of people and is intended to allow clients to fine tune their own search criteria as well as to identify candidates for a pre-determined job description.


Team Building

TPD has experience of pulling together teams of individuals to develop specific areas of business. The process can be particularly sensitive to the contractual and fiduciary responsibilities of the individuals concerned.

We are committed to working with clients to ensure that projects are conducted in the appropriate manner.


Candidate Extraction

We recognise that it is common within the insurance market for some businesses to identify individuals without the need for a search consultant.

In these circumstances we are happy to assist clients by approaching individuals to assess their interest in a move and to take such part in the process as is required. We would agree a bespoke fee for this service, depending on the specifics of the assignment.


Areas of Expertise


Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers

TPD has extensive experience of serving the London Market broking community across most areas of executive search and recruitment. In addition to the more on-going needs for technical support staff.

TPD has been very active in recent years in the search and placement of the following:

  • Producing brokers
  • Placing brokers
  • Client executives and account handlers
  • Board level appointments including CFO, COO and CEO positions
  • Non-Executive Directors

We are well versed in advising producing brokers regarding content of business plans that comprehensively demonstrate how they will contribute to the clients own plans and also to justify the remuneration expectations of candidates.


Insurers and Reinsurers

We recognise that it is common within the insurance market for some businesses to identify individuals without the need for a search consultant.

Our experienced team has hands on experience working in both the front and back office aspects of underwriting businesses at senior level. READ MORE (followed by the section below)

In particular we have experience in and can fully understand your requirements in the following areas.

  • Underwriting – all levels of underwriter across all of the main classes of business, and many smaller niche areas.
  • Claims – from director level to junior level (2 or 3 year’s experience)
  • Actuarial – across pricing, capital modelling and reserving as well as more general appointments
  • Risk Management – from CRO to junior professionals
  • Exposure Management
  • Compliance
  • Delegated Underwriting Management
  • Business Development and Business Analysis
  • Finance
  • Non-Executive Directors

By working together we will identify the precise needs of clients. Teams can often benefit from the introduction of people with related but different experience and this can also provide good value. Where clients are looking to introduce new classes of business to their underwriting operations, we are able to work with candidates to present plans that clearly and comprehensively cover the range of matters required for both internal needs and for regulatory approvals, particularly in the Lloyd’s environment.



Whilst the skill sets required within MGAs overlap with those of underwriters and brokers, we also understand that the structure of MGA businesses can vary.

Our market experience allows us to engage with clients from an informed perspective and consequently to document your requirements accurately.